“The Mission of Connection Points Ministry is to assist churches in building healthy congregations through: personal Consultations, Dynamic Resources, Relevant Seminars, and Practical Workshops with a biblical perspective for intentional discipleship.”

NOW Scheduling for Spring and Summer of 2014….


ASSIMILATION SEMINAR:  The “A.C.T.S. of the Church” (Fine tuning the connection ministries of the church by developing a ministry to guests that connect them to Christ for their salvation, to the ministries of the church for their spiritual formation, and to their community for their service to God’s Kingdom.)

CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: (If you have no expectation for church members, what good is it?  Is church membership necessary? Why?  What is church membership and How does a church establish an effective church membership?  What is the role of a church member? Developing a process of becoming a Church Member. What is expected of Church Members?  Answering these questions can provide positive healthy growth to any church.)

DISCIPLESHIP SEMINAR: (Discovering, Developing, and Deploying the ministry of discipleship that reaches individuals, the community, and beyond. Acts 2)

RECOVERY THROUGH R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: (Understanding Addiction – Substance Abuse, Gambling, other addictions, and how to help a loved one receive healing through recovery in Christ.)  For a non-residential program www.in-lifeline.org

LEADERSHIP RETREATS: (This addresses church leadership in any capacity: Board Members, Committee Members, Staff Members, and/or Small Group Leaders.  This seminar helps to define roles, responsibilities, and expectations as well as how to be an effective leader in a 21st century church.)

NEW BELIEVERS: (What happens to that person that accepts Christ?  What is the plan to disciple them?  Where should they begin?  What resources should be used to disciple them?  Who should disciple them?  These questions and more are discussed in this all important Seminar on New Believers.)

SMALL GROUP TRAINING: (Growing a health church can come through developing a small group ministry that touches lives of people in the community.  The practical application of the information from this seminar can help to organize your church into small groups that impact families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  Questions that this seminar can help to answer:  Why have small groups? Where to begin? What to expect? How should small groups be organized?  Who can lead a small group?)

NEW for 2013 - DIVINE ENCOUNTER WEEKEND (Discovering and/or re-discovering: His Divine Love, His Divine Attributes, and His Divine Plan for your life, Living in the Spirit)

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New!  Spiritual Formation/Discipleship Resources:


CP Leadership Institute offers online audio lecture courses on books of the Bible, Discipleship, Leadership, Small Groups, and other related biblical subjects.  Listen and study on your laptop, IPad, or IPhone.

CP Institute is Affiliated with Trinity College of the Bible in Newburgh, IN, through Distance Learning; with over four decades of training students around the world.  All audio lectures have been done by qualified faculty.

Upon completion of each course a Diploma is awarded.  After Eight courses the student earns a Master Teacher Certification.  For those desiring a college degree, upon completing 16 courses, they may apply for an “Associate in Biblical Studies” from Trinity College of the Bible in Newburgh, IN (additional fees required).

Tuition Fee per Course:  $50.00

All courses are online and the Tuition fee per course allows unlimited logins to the online lectures.  Students can listen as they complete the online multiple choice Test.  Although the courses do not require Textbooks, there are other suggested books and reading.

No Textbooks Requires  

Leadership Training Institute Courses

Leadership Training Institute Courses


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